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the * farthest land

but heed this, the price you pay may be heavy indeed.

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“Maybe now is just a dream. Am I wandering in a long gallery of dreams? Sometimes I think so. One day the dream will fade, and I'll return to another day of when you and I were children, and Lady Annerose was still with us. And then I'll say to Lady Annerose, 'I had a dream. Reinhard and I became soldiers, and important men, commanding warships and going to the ends of the universe...'”

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Sup guys, I'm a university student who has silly dreams of someday making just enough money to shop at the Banana Republic, buy new games instead of used, and train at 3 different martial arts clubs.

(I like to dream, thank you.)

I also have WAY too many hobbies.

SPORTS all team sports, judo, jiu-jitsu, boxing, fencing GAMES games that make me feel (triumph, defeat, power, love, unease), indie games, well-localized games (Alexander O. Smith and Working Designs, I'm looking at you) BOOKS gothic fantasy, low fantasy, math books, Romans, Colossians, Ephesians MUSIC freaking everything, especially game music, classical, chiptunes, Japanese soul, and German metal. ELSE writing, German, Japanese, Bible study, Saturday night mass, cooking, Korean food, being with friends...
Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy IX + X + XII + Tactics
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Phantasy Star
Team Ico games - Ico, SotC, LG
Seirei no Moribito
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Shadow Hearts
Vagrant Story
Yakuza/Ryu ga gotoku (I'ma one-girl fandom, baby)
Yume Nikki
LJ name, title, and subtitle are all allusions to Shadow of the Colossus. <3

>Journal header pic is a screen from FFIX that I took on my PSP.

Drop me a line if we have common interests. :3
I love meeting new people.

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